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Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers in Gothic

• Comparative glossary of the Gothic language with especial reference to English and German, A.  
by G.H. Balg, with a preface by Francis A. March (1887)

Days of the week in Gothic

• English-Gothic Dictionary

• FREELANG Gothic-English and English-Gothic online dictionary

Germanic glossary
A glossary in 17 Germanic languages, Gothic among them.

• Glossarium der Gothischen Sprache (1843) 
Gabelentz & Loebe.

• Gothic Dictionary with etymologies (2004) 
by András Rajki.

• Gothisches Glossar 
Por Ernst Schulze, sin fecha.

• Gotisches Wörterbuch (2. Auflage) 
© 1989, Gerhard Köbler

• Gotisch-Griechisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch 
Wilhelm Streitberg (1910)

• Grundriss der Gotischen Etymologie (1888) 
por Sigmund Feist.

• Heyne's Gothic Dictionary

• Kurzgefasstes etymologisches Wörterbuch der gotischen Sprache (1900) 
(Breve diccionario etimológico de la lengua gótica)
Por Christianus Cornelius Uhlenbeck.

• Lexicon Comparativum Linguarum Indogermanicarum,M1

• Moeso-Gothic Glossary, A (1868) 
Walter William SKEAT.

Months of the Gregorian calendar in Gothic

• Namne tala  (gótico)
Relación de nombres de pila masculinos y femeninos en gótico y sus equivalentes en diversos idiomas.

• Wikcionario Gótico-Español


Bibliotecas Virtuales:

• Annotated “Bagme Bloma”, The 
J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem in the Gothic language (from the collection “Songs for the Philologists”), with an English translation.

• Bagme bloma 
Latin transliteration, Gothic script, IPA transcription.

• Bagme Bloma: A Verse Translation

• Biblia de Wulfila 
Texto en gótico (grafía latina), latín y griego.

• Codex Argenteus

• Codex Argenteus Online, The 
The Facsimile Edition of 1927.

• Gothic Bible in Latin Alphabet,_Gothic,_Ulfila

• Gothic Bible in Runic Alphabet

• Gothic Bible in Ulfilan Gothic Script, The 
“Gothic Bible in Ulfilan Gothic Script with correct ï”

• Gotisch-Projekte 
Dr. Christian T. Petersen M.A.

• Готська Мова (PDF) 
Тексти, коментар, словник.
В.В. Євченко

• Iordanis De Origine Actibusque Getarum (en latín)

• Project Wulfila 
“… a small digital library dedicated to the study of the Gothic language and Old Germanic languages in general.”

• Skeireins Project, The 
The text of the remaining leaves of the Gothic commentary on the Gospel of Saint John, along with several translations.


Tipografías y teclados:

• Comprehensive Unicode Test Page for Gothic  
“This page tests the Gothic block (U+10330 - U+1034F) and is laid out in a grid format for easy comparison against the online Unicode charts.”

• Dr. Pfeffer's Fonts

• Gothic_1 ttf font

• Gothic Unicode Fonts

• Latin » Gothic transliterator

• Teclado virtual gótico/Gothic virtual keyboard

• Test for Unicode support in Web browsers: Gothic

• WAZU JAPAN's Gallery of Unicode Fonts



Otros recursos:

• Beginner's Guide to the Gothic Language, A

• Conjugate a Gothic verb

• Database of the Gothic Language

• Enlaces en internet sobre lengua gótica (I)

• Enlaces en internet sobre lengua gótica (II)

• Enlaces en internet sobre lengua gótica (III)

• Germanic Lexicon Project

• Gothic alphabet

• Gothic alphabet

• Gothic alphabet

• Gothic grammar with selections for reading and a glossary, A (1895) 
by Wilhelm BRAUNE.

• Gothic language

• Gothic language

• Gothic Online

• Gothic Readings 
“…a little contribution to the reconstruction of Gothic pronunciation.”
By Dr Robert PFEFFER.

• Grammar of the Gothic Language

• Introduction, phonological, morphological, syntactic to the Gothic of Ulfilas, An (1886) 
Thomas Le Marchant DOUSE.

• Introduction to Gothic 
By David Salo.

• Introduction to Gothic, An

• Lengua gótica

• Primer of the Gothic language… , A (1899) 
“…containing the Gospel of St. Mark, selections from the other gospels, & the second epistle to Timothy.
With grammar, notes & glossary.”

• Sprachkurs Gotisch 
Curso de gótico, en alemán.

• Wikipedia en lengua gótica

• Wikipedia: Lengua gótica
Gothic language” 
Idioma gótico” 

• Þwairhawaurd: A Gothic Crossword
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