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Ancient Greek Swadesh list (EN>GR) 
207 basic Greek words.

Diccionario español-griego-latín 
por Francisco López Pozo.
En formato .PDF

Diccionario griego-español (DGE) en línea (ES<>GR)

Diccionario griego-español-griego (ES<>GR) 
En fase de elaboración. Cuenta con 619 palabras de mucho uso. No se han incluido todavía muchas formas irregulares. Permite búsquedas de palabras declinadas o conjugadas.

Dictionnaire Grec ancien>Français
par Anatole Bailly .

Dictionnaire Grec ancien>Français
par Didier Fontaine.

Dictionnaire Grec-Français du Nouveau Testament
Par Didier Fontaine.

English>Greek Dictionary (EN>GR)
A Vocabulary of the Attic Language,
by S.C. Woodhouse, M.A.
The University of Chicago Library.

English>Greek Lexicon, An (EN>GR) 
by G. M. Edwards.

Global Glossary™ 
“The Global Glossary is authoritative, scholarly, and reliable. Depend on it for authentic information on the Greco-Roman world.”

Glossarium Græco-Arabicum 
“A lexicon of the mediæval Arabic translations from the Greek”

Greek-English-Greek Dictionary (EN<>GR) 
Griego clásico y moderno.

Greek-English Lexicon, A
By Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott.

Homeric Dictionary, A
By Georg Autenrieth.

Lexical Aids and Lexicography for Ancient Greek

• Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
“…established to collect and publish all ancient Greek personal names,…from the 8th century B.C. down to the late Roman Empire.”

Liddell, Scott, Jones Ancient Greek Lexicon (LSJ) 
“The Liddell, Scott, Jones Ancient Greek Lexicon (LSJ) is perhaps the best known Ancient Greek-English dictionary. Here you can find a wiki implementation.”

Multilex Biblical Greek and Hebrew Lexicon (GR,Hebrew>EN,ES,FR)
To find English, French or Spanish definitions of Greek and Hebrew words used in the Bible.

Wiki Greek › English Lexicon 
“Wiki Lexicon and Concordance of the Greek New Testament”

WordBase Greek 
“Wordbase contains a Greek>English dictionary with all 5393 words in the New Testament.”



Bibliotecas Virtuales:


Ancient Library: Scanned Classical Works, The

“Over 25,000 links to Greek & Latin authors on the web”

Bibliotheca Augustana
Textos en griego, hebreo y latín, además de otros idiomas actuales.

Duke Papyrus Archive 
Papiros en egipcio, griego, latín y árabe.

Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg (DE,EN) 
"The aim of the project Epigraphic Database Heidelberg (EDH) is to integrate Latin inscriptions from all parts of the Roman Empire into an extensive database. Since 2004 Greek inscriptions from the same chronological timespan are also being entered. It consists of three databases the Epigraphic database, the Epigraphic Bibliography and the Photographic Database."

• Greek and Roman Authors on LacusCurtius

• The Internet Classics Archive
Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature by 59 different authors, including user-driven commentary and "reader's choice" Web sites. Mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation.

• Katalog der Internetressourcen für die Klassische Philolologie aus Berlin (KIRKE)

Library of Ancient Texts Online
“…the internet's most thorough catalogue of online copies of ancient Greek texts, both in Greek and in translation.” 
Papyrological Navigator.

Peithō’s Web 
“Classic Rhetoric & Persuasion”

Perseus Digital Library
Un magnífico recurso, que también contiene diccionarios. Sin embargo, no está bien organizado.


Greek text and English translation of the first chapter of the Corpus Hermeticum.

Epigraphic Sources For Early Greek Writing.

Searchable Greek Inscriptions

Sententiæ Antiquæ 
“Many words of the ancients still ring true” (Euripides)

Theoi Classical E-Texts Library, The 
“…a collection of works from ancient Greek and Roman literature in translation. The theme of the library is classical mythology and so the selection presented consists primarily of ancient poetry (epic, lyric, bucolic, et. al.), drama and prose renditions of myth.”

Thesaurus Linguæ Græcæ - TLG® 
“A Digital Library of Greek Literature”
De pago.

An interdisciplinary portal of papyrological and epigraphical resources.

Ανθολογία Αρχαίας Ελληνικής Γραμματείας

Colección de textos griegos de toda época, desde el periodo homérico hasta nuestros dias. Interfaz en griego clásico y moderno, e inglés.



Tipografías y teclados:

• Classical Greek Numbers 
Convierte números arábigos a griegos (y viceversa) desde el 1 al 999.

Free Foreign Fonts

Greek/Coptic Font Links,
by Luc Devroye

Greek Font Links and Downloads

Εταιρεία Ελληνικών Τυπογραφικών Στοιχείων/Greek Font Society

Greek Number Converter

Greek Virtual Keyboard
Teclado virtual griego.

Greek Virtual Keyboard
Teclado virtual griego.

Polytonic Greek Virtual Keyboard

Teclado Virtual Multilingüe
Teclado virtual para griego y una veintena de idiomas más.
Teclado griego, con interfaz en ruso. Ofrece interesantes herramientas.

Unicode Polytonic Greek Fonts

WAZU JAPAN's Gallery of Unicode Fonts

Yamada Language Center: Greek Fonts 
Fundamentalmente para Macintosh.


Otros recursos:

Ancient Greek tutorials, 
by Donald J. Mastronarde.

Differences Between Classical and Hellenistic Greek, 
A Quick Introduction by Jay C. Treat.

Greek Alphabet, Pronunciation and Language

Greek Grammar on the Web
Internet resources for learning Greek.

Greek Language and Alphabet
Links to Internet resources for learning Greek.

Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway
“For the study of Ancient Greek, you have come to the right place. From dictionaries to grammatical aids, you can find it here, where the Greek language and the field of Linguistics meet.”

Portal for the Greek Language
Material de todo tipo para el estudio del griego antiguo, medieval y moderno.

“Textkit was created to help you learn Ancient Greek and Latin!”   
Ofrece una selección de obras de referencia, en español o inglés, sobre arte e historia.
Search only in Languages and Linguistics


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